Private Classes

No two people are the same, so it makes sense that not every yoga practice is suitable for everybody.

Originally yoga was taught on an individual basis and it is only in recent years, in western society that it has become a more physically based group practice.

We all have different needs, and sometimes a group class is just not appropriate. Maybe it's too strong (or not strong enough). Maybe the postures don't feel right for your body. Maybe you have an injury or are unwell. Maybe you are pregnant, or perhaps you find it difficult to get out. Perhaps you want to learn more about yoga philosophy, relaxation, meditation, or controlling your breathing.

Whatever the reason one2one yoga could be right for you.

Each individual session has a therapeutic approach (Clare is a qualified yoga therapist) a home practice will be designed for you to address your personal needs.


£55.00 for 60 mins
£65 for 75min

SPECIAL OFFER: Book 10 sessions in advance for £500

1st session is for 75 mins.
Subsequent sessions 60 mins.

Private Classes